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Richard King - Photograph, artist

Richard is more than a friend: he's a highly talented artist. Living in Metuchen, New Jersey, he travels all over America with his camera and captures unforgettable scenes and moments. His treatment in black and white is superb, like all his work. A must!!

His site: www.richardkingphoto.com


Gérard Laurin - Historical figurine artist

Art takes on many forms, some of them quite unexpected. For the past 30 years Gérald Laurin has been painting historical military figurines and setting them up in landscapes and scenes like a only a real artist can. His little 54mm masterpieces are painted with finesse. The history buff will marvel at the historical detail of the uniforms that required hundreds of hours of research. His pieces may be found in several private collections and adorn highly recognized museums such as the Musée de l'Île-Ste-Hélène... in Montreal (Fort Stewart Museum) which acquired some of his most stunning miniatures for the Napoléon 1er, Empereur des Français exhibition in 1999.

He invites you to visit his workshop: Gérard Laurin (450) 621-8951; e-mail: laurinlg@videotron.ca.

His site: www.military-figurines.weebly.com


Colette Bordeleau - Photograph, artist

Each time I look at Colette's marvelous work I'm always surprised by the sensitivity and ambiance she can create with a lens. Her photographs combine precision and softness, detail and ambiance, smoothness and sharpness. Colette is also very generous: she accepted that I use her photograph as an inspiration for my painting, Résidence secondaire.

Her site: www.colettebordeleau.ca

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